Sunday, December 27, 2009

Painting and Wood Floors

The painting is almost finished and the wood floors are being laid.

The carpenter has completed spraying the paint and Christina painted her red wall along with cutting in from the ceiling and doing a ton of touch up paint.  The more you look at the paint up close, the more inconsistencies you see.  Shadows and wet paint also play tricks on the eyes.

The corner of the family room wall and ceiling.  The beams are Swiss Coffee White, the ceiling Toasted Cashew and the walls are Toasted Wheat.  The three colors meant lots of touch up and patience.

The corner of the living room with a sneak peak of the Library Red wall

John discussing the next steps with the carpenter.  Notice the plywood on the floor and the teak wood flooring planks laid out.

The hallway with the paint completed.

The teak flooring is about 1/4 the way completed in the family room and covered up with butcher paper.  You can see a small portion of it.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


We keep making progress on the house.  The windows are in, the large giant gaping hole in the back of the house is closed in as well (although there is still an unresolved issue with the big bad door man), the drywall and texturing is also complete.  Tonight we went to Home Depot and spent lots of money on paint. Who'd figure paint cost so much.

Here is what I am going with

Kitchen, all three baths, laundry, hall, bedrooms, ceilings in-between beams
Toasted Cashew –

Entry, family room, dining room, living room (minus red wall)
Toasted Wheat

Beams, ceilings in house, except in rooms where there are beams
Swiss coffee –

 And for the Living room accent wall I couldn't find a sample on the Behr website but its close to this.
Library Red

I went through many different samples on the wall before settling.  I was always conscious of choosing a color that wouldn't close in the room.  With a low ceiling and low light in some of the rooms, I wanted a color not too dark.

This is the wall in the family room and the kitchen is on right towards the back of the picture.  The color I went with is first color on the left on the wall and the middle color on the ceiling. The beams will be painted an off white.

In the bedrooms will be toasted cashew

And finally, the living room with the library red accent wall and  toast wheat


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kitchen - in progress

The overhead light area has been changed more.  The soffits were moved to 18in and the rest of the area opened up.  Cabinets have been order but the stain still needs to be decided on.

View through the dining room arch looking into the kitchen.

Windows- In progress

The windows are supposed to be ready tomorrow so the old need to be removed and the area prepped.  John bought an OXXO door to replace the windows and door that was there.  There is now a huge whole in the back of the house.

The master bedroom windows are being replaced also.  Ed, the carpenter, is standing in the open window...I mean open hole.

One of the windows in the dining room.  The other windows, which aren't removed yet, are the living room windows.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Teak Flooring and Cabinets

This is the flooring that John likes.  It has a lot of movement and is really pretty. We haven't decided if this is what we are going for yet but I'm thinking we probably will because John is always drawn to it.

John contacted with a cabinet guy tonight.  I'm glad that is moving forward.  The cabs should be in by end of December.  Still need to order countertops, which can't be measured until cabs are in.  Move in maybe mid-January?

Monday, November 2, 2009


The front of the house. The picture is from the listing when the property was in better shape. After months of no watering many plants have died.

The property has many fruit trees, roses and grass (although currently dormant).

There is a built-in BBQ which just had a new gas line put in.

The pool needs to be done since its cracked up and doesn't hold water.

The view from the bottom of the pool.

Dining Room During

The dining room had a half arch added.  Here's from the kitchen.

From the living room


The ceilings are really cool.

We're thinking about a taupe color for the walls.  Someone suggested leave the beams white and paint the space in-between the means a half-tone (of taupe)

Kitchen During

These pictures are the kitchen while the pantry walls were still partially there.

The brick wall was also removed opening up the kitchen.

Looking towards the dining room; towards the side door out to the patio area.

Kitchen wall and cabinets are removed.

Family room, living room and dining room - Before

The living room and dining room is off to the left right after you walk in the front door.  There is Saltillo tile in the entrance, living room and dining room.  The family room tile was all removed along with the saltillo tile in the kitchen.

Living room has cool design in the tile.

Dining room.

Entry way looking from living room

Family room.  A friend says to paint the bookshelf white to pull in the white from the ceilings.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kitchen - Before

Walls?  What walls?
Brick wall?  What brick wall?
John  tore through the kitchen knocking down walls to design an awesome kitchen.

The kitchen started off as a galley kitchen.  Small and narrow but it had a huge pantry.  Removing the pantry opened up the space right away but you'll have to check out  future blog entries to see those pictures.  There was some cool tile work in the kitchen.

Along with a neat area with cabinets.  We saved the cabinets and will have to see if we can somehow use them.

The microwave had been removed, by the prior, foreclosed on owners, probably because it was new enough to have value.  The oven, cooktop and dishwasher they had left behind.  No matter, we are getting new appliances anyways.