Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Pool's Done

On April 5th, the pool guys starting chipping out the pool and finished in less than a day.  On Thursday the plaster was put down and started filling the pool.  For 2 days, 2 hoses ran and filled the pool finishing Saturday around noon.  At 6:30pm, Gerald came over with his pool supplies and helped get the pump running.  Hurray!  It works!
Shortly after house purchase. There is very little water at bottom of pool

Last week, the rains filled the bottom, which quickly turned green and became mosquito breeding grounds.  Muric acid took care of that. 

After the plaster is chipped away.

The pool guys spraying the plaster.

The steps have cool blue diamonds on them.
Thursday evening the pool is filling up.

John and Gerald fret if the pool pump is going to work.

Checking out the new pool

Hurray!  It's done and beautiful.